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Accountancy Malpractice

Accountancy Malpractice

Members of Reback, McAndrews & Blessey LLP have represented a number of individual accountants and small and medium sized accounting firms in accountancy malpractice actions. Cases handled by the firm have involved claims of wrongdoing in the provision of accounting services including, but not limited to:

  • Review
  • Bookkeeping
  • Investment Advice
  • Compilation
  • Individual Tax
  • Litigation Support
  • Audit
  • Business Tax
  • Consultation

Members of the firm have delivered lectures and seminars to insurance companies and accountants’ associations on various subjects involving the avoidance and handling of accountancy malpractice actions. In addition, the firm has continuously worked with prominent members of the nations’ largest accounting firms who have served as consultants and experts on behalf of the firm’s clients.

Through their experience, members of the firm have developed an organized approach to handling accountancy malpractice cases which allows them to aggressively and efficiently bring these matters to an appropriate conclusion.

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