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Elder Abuse / Long-Term Care

Elder Abuse / Long-Term Care

After the state of California enacted a comprehensive legislative plan intended to protect elderly and dependent adults from both physical and financial abuse, there has been a surge in claims being made against corporate and individual healthcare providers for alleged violations of this act. Reback, McAndrews & Blessey has defended these claims from the inception of the California Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act and continues to protect the interests of healthcare providers and long-term care providers against these allegations. The firm has successfully litigated lawsuits of this nature against a number of plaintiff attorneys and law firms—located both inside and outside the state of California—who specialize in the prosecution of these claims. The attorneys at our firm are well versed in the unique issues faced by individuals and corporate entities operating in one of the most heavily regulated industries in California. The types of clients we have defended in these matters are briefly described below:

  • Physicians. The firm has defended individual doctors who have been sued for treating patients in a variety of situations. This includes office care, health clinics, hospitals, and residential care facilities. The firm also has extensive experience representing doctors who are sued in their administrative capacities at hospitals and residential care facilities.
    Nurses and Nurses Registries. Our firm has defended both individual nurses and nursing registry services in the context of treating patients in hospitals, residential care facilities, and in private homes.
  • Long-Term Care Facilities. The firm has considerable experience representing local skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, and residential care facilities, as well as large national corporations that own and manage such facilities in many states including California.
  • Hospitals. RMB regularly defends hospitals of all sizes in the Southern California area for care related to elder and dependent adult abuse cases.
  • Hospice Care. RMB has represented numerous hospice care providers in negligence, elder, and dependent adult abuse cases, including the largest provider of hospice care in the United States.

Reback, McAndrews & Blessey has developed comprehensive resources for hiring the appropriate and necessary experts to address all aspects of elder abuse cases, including physicians, nurses, home healthcare providers, hospice providers, statutory and regulatory compliance experts, as well as individuals with experience in owning and managing residential care facilities.

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